Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does the product cost? How much does shipping cost?

The products are currently priced at 99.90€ for the 250M and 119.90€ for the 350M. Shipping is free for Germany, but some countries have additional shipping charges.

Is there an offline display shop?

We only sell online.

What exactly does the package contain?

– An Airless 250M or 350M technology device
– A lightweight Airless gun
– A very flexible paint hose of 9 or 15 m length
– A 60 cm long nozzle extension
– A 5-piece cleaning kit

What is the difference between the 250M and the 350M?

250M: without wheels and 9m of hose
350M: with wheels and 15m of hose

What is the delivery time?

Our processing times are 2 to 4 days for packaging and quality control, then 12 to 16 working days for shipping.